Certificate Authority

Root CA

Used for signing subordinate certificate authorities.

Fingerprint (SHA-1): AA:55:E8:53:9E:EE:9C:06:7E:9C:79:3E:88:BF:F3:74:F8:A5:1A:04

Certificate (PEM)Certificate (DER)Apple profileCRL (PEM)

Client CA

Used for clients to authenticate to internal services, including data storage, Wi-Fi and VPN.

Fingerprint (SHA-1): D7:5E:C1:F8:83:45:80:06:52:3E:72:EB:D0:EE:28:D6:4B:CD:D3:15

Certificate (PEM)Certificate (DER)CRL (PEM)

Proxy CA

Used for signing substitute certificates when using HTTPS proxying.

Fingerprint (SHA-1): 13:75:71:AE:AE:00:CD:AD:D4:1B:08:5F:81:40:82:C5:58:80:6B:7B

Certificate (PEM)Certificate (DER)CRL (PEM)


Used for mobile device management certificate signing.

Fingerprint (SHA-1): 21:EF:08:4F:DF:FD:A0:57:AE:93:E0:78:5F:00:3E:D3:3A:9F:7F:B1

Certificate (PEM)Certificate (DER)

Server CA

Used for servers (web, RADIUS, etc.) to authenticate to clients.

Fingerprint (SHA-1): 24:D9:2C:D6:B2:A5:15:87:58:43:5F:E4:C7:B3:AE:E5:90:A8:95:B9

Certificate (PEM)Certificate (DER)CRL (PEM)

vSphere CA

Used for vSphere servers to authenticate to clients and each other.

Fingerprint (SHA-1): 54:30:0C:FA:D7:06:D9:A3:F9:2E:59:FD:86:DD:87:09:D9:CC:15:91

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